I have known of Celtx pre production (script writing) software for some time but never really took a closer look as I already own Movie Magic Screenwriter (script writing software).

I believe the earlier versions of Celtx only handled script writing (or at least that was my perception), however recently I decided to install it on an old Mac to take a look and consequently came across these videos, which I found interesting in terms of what the software offers nowadays.

As you may know, this is free software so if you do not have the funds to purchase one of the commercial software applications like Final Draft or Movie Magic Screenwriter then perhaps this is an option for you to consider.

While watching the first video the presenter filmmaker / educator Mike Jones mentioned he heard or read this somewhere.. which caught my attention:

80’s they used to pitch plots
90’s they used to pitch characters
and these days we pitch a world, a story world because everybody wants to know about the extra components (sequels, games, etc).

It is worth considering transmedia storytelling as well as you proceed with your animation / concept, etc.

The other aspect that seemed of interest to me, was the format of using one column to describe what you see, and in the other what you hear and how that format may actually help the writer develop the story (sounded good to me, I think I will try that).

2nd part below

3rd part below

Presented in New York in Feb. 2011 by filmmaker/educator Mike Jones