pmG Dare to Share™ $10 Challenge is about to end! – In case you have not heard… pmG started a few days ago a viral marketing test.

Their basic 3D Animation software package messiah Studio 5 for only $10 (regularly $499) and their pro version for $40 (regularly $1195).

Is there a catch? Well, yes there is a catch. The challenge here is that they have a goal they want to achieve (the actual goal is a mystery, is it a dollar goal? a business user quantity? a total user quantity?), and nobody gets their license until the goal is met AND you must pay upfront in order to secure a license,  it is precisely that purchase action that gets things rolling. A status bar on their website is updated manually to give prospective users an updated view into the progress of this test.

The success or failure of this test depends on sharing this information with anybody you know and get them excited enough so they too participate in what appears to be the best 3D Animation software deal of 2011 (or early 2011). If the goal is not met they will refund the money, and since payments are being made via PayPal, there is always the opportunity of disputing the charge, if the test fails and the refund doesn’t arrive.

Like many, I was skeptical.. I had heard of the program over the years but never used it and since it was out of my price range, frankly I was uninformed of its potential.  So here we are, wondering should we participate with our money, or wait… and what if we miss out in this great deal..  etc.

At its most basic function this program allows you to do character animation, it appears to be fairly simple and also allows you to create more complex animations.  It is not a modeler, you will still need some other program to model with, but it allows import and export of data. This is where I think it can be of use, even if there is no immediate need. Another tool to work with Autodesk Maya, Newtek Lightwave 3D and many other 3d animation software packages.

If you want to participate in this interesting marketing campaign and at the same time potentially end up with a great program at an even greater price.  Just visit their site for more information.

It seems there is quite a large crowd of people wanting for this to end so they can get started.

We know that many have this great story/animation idea ready to be told, so this might be a chance to get you closer to that dream!