What a refreshing animation and story. I have heard about it for quite a while however I have not had the time to view this or many other animations due to lack of time. I am glad I can take a few minutes tonight and share this wonderful gem with the rest of you.

Hopefully soon I can find a text version of all the people that worked in this animated film (if you have it let me know), in the mean time here is the first page of the credits.

Enjoy !!!

Directed by: John Kahrs
Producer: Kristina Reed
Executive Producer: John Lasseter
Music by: Christophe Beck
Art Director: Jeff Turley
Animation Supervisor: Patrick T. Osborne
Visual Effects Supervisor: Kyle Odermatt
Editor: Lisa Linder Silver
Additional Editing: Tim Mertens
Production Manager: Holly E. Bratton
Lighting and Compositing Supervisor: Amol Sathe