3D animations, 3D movies, 3D software applications and perhaps even 3D TV information.  Amazing visuals / special effects are being created today, technology is moving at a fast pace, and with it our thirst to see more and better effects increases or does it?

I believe my first encounter with 3D animation was when I saw the Juggler animation on an Amiga 1000 at a local computer store. I remember how I used to dream about owning an Amiga computer… The Amiga Computer was in many ways so fascinating, the VIC-20 and Commodore 64 computers I was lucky enough to own at some point (had to sell one to purchase the other) certainly didn’t even compare.

Many years went by before I was able to own an Amiga computer and by that time It was no longer an Amiga 1000, but an used Amiga 3000 along with a Newtek Video Toaster (now a more advance solution called VT5) and its 3D software Lightwave 3D

During the past 20+ years (has it been that long?) we have enjoyed the creativity of many individuals as they perform their special effects magic in movies, TV commercials, short animations, games, etc.

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