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Disney: The Anatomy of the Animation

A behind the scenes video about the anatomy of animation as related to  Mickey (for the game Disney Epic Mickey).

This is my childhood Disney character… Mickey Mouse as well as Donald Duck. Very Interesting video (Thank you Disney), about animation… and they are using Autodesk Maya to animate Mickey. If what they say is true… that they were able to do a great representation of how Mickey walks, it may just be worth it for the animator kid in you to purchase the game and see how the 2D motion was transferred into this 3D character.

Personally I do not own a Wii or any other console game system so there wont be any further reviews of this game  (both from the perspective of game play in general and Mickey animation) but nonetheless It caught my attention.

I do recommend you get this book if you can – The Illusion of Life – Disney Animation, great source of information and also considered a must have item for animators.

If you have any other books that one should own please let me know!


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One Response to “Disney: The Anatomy of the Animation”

  1. njrabit says:

    I have many animation books that are really good (Preston Blair’s are often recommended) but probably the most prized in my collection is the Muybridge books. I have the early three huge volumes of motion studies, apparently extremely rare these days but tremendous resource if you can find it.

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