For me the movie Tron was the beginning of a long relationship (from a viewer perspective) with 3D graphics. The Amiga computer was the continuation… along with 3D animations shown at dance clubs.

A few years back what determined if I would purchase a VHS (and later DVD) of the movie was the special fx / graphics the movie had. From my perspective, given that I am attracted to special effects, the eye candy was the enticement but that was then. Nowadays, in addition to the previous key factor, I also look for the extra content, the how to videos, etc.

Times have changed though, special effects are everywhere, sometimes you can tell them apart and other times you are completely fooled (the true goal in most cases – that a job was executed properly).

And now there is this awesome The Glitch Mob / Daft Punk Derezzed Remix Music Video, to further expand the awe for the medium.

I tried to enjoy the music and not the video 😉 (because I have yet to see the movie – waiting for the Netflix DVD) – I did peek a bit and got to enjoy the editing of the video along with the music. At this rate I may end up watching most of the movie in bits here and there.

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