First expression coming out of my mouth after watching a few seconds of this clip… wow

Great special effects (have yet to see the movie) but the clip looks great..

Special FX by Weta Digital


In this clip:
WETA Senior VFX Supervisor: Joe Letteri
Producer: Dylan Clark
Director: Rupert Wyatt
Actor: Andy Serkis
WETA VFX Supervisor: Erik Winquist
Co-Producer: Kurt Williams
WETA VFX Supervisor: Chris White
WETA Texture / Creature Art Director: Gino Acevedo
WETA Lead Texture Artist: Keven Norris
WETA Creature Supervisor: Simon Clutterbuck
WETA Performance Capture Supervisor: Dejan Momcilovic
Movement choreographer and stunt coordinator: Terry Notary