Through my search to locate 3D animations (my initial intention) to share on this site, I have encountered the art of storytelling expressed in many different mediums, and while my affinity to 3D exists very much in my mind, I feel the efforts of storytellers in general should be acknowledged and shared with others.

In addition I have had many story ideas floating in my head over the years waiting for an expression outlet, and now as I view 2D, 3D, stop motion animations, etc., I think its time to initiate a process of self expression and exploration as I continue to seek and share the work of others with you the audience.

Twitter has also played a part in that process by having the good fortune of encountering many of you, and reading about your success and failures as you too have initiated that process.

In the near future I will be making a contact form available so you can use it to share any links of works of expression that have made you think and / or have captivated your mind.

In case 140 characters is not enough space to post your input (via Twitter), please share a comment below.

Thank you.