A great story about the scarecrow “La Leyenda del Espantapajaros,” narrated in Spanish. Even if you do not understand the language, it is quite an experience to watch the short animation. My wife actually discovered this one a few months ago and pulled me to the computer so I could watch it.

It goes to show you that if you have an idea, it is not necessary to have fancy equipment to get your point across. You just need a desire to tell a story and dedication to follow thru until the very end, regardless of how long it takes to achieve it.

Gracias Carlos Lascano!

He mentions the following:

“The life of a scarecrow changes when he decides to become friends with the birds”

“This is not the final cut that was released, voices and music are not the final versions.
I was in charge of the creation and design of the characters and backgrounds, the storyboarding, the animation directing and the editing. It was made mixing 2D backgrounds with 3D modeling into a false 3D environment in Adobe After Effects.”

More information about his process can be found here.