I saw this short film a while ago and completely forgot about it, and today I found it again. This short film is based on a treatment for a trilogy. Personally every time I view this short film I want to know what happens next.

Below is some technical information about it:

Director : Ricardo de Montreuil
Producers: Ricardo de Montreuil & Eliz Eskeranli
Writers: Ricardo de Montreuil & Antonio Perez
Cinematographer: Andres Sanchez
Music by: Angelo Milli
Special Effects Supervisor: Aaron Burns
3D Modeling and Animation: Juan Somarriba and Francisco Concha
Visual Effects and Compositing: Ricardo de Montreuil
Editing: Ricardo de Montreuil
Color Correction: Santiago Padilla
Sound Design and Mixing: Martin Seltzer
Budget: $5k
Format: RED 1920×1080
Special thanks: Filmosonido, CO3 and Converse

If any of you know what the status of this project is, please let me know.

OK, I see what is happening now… According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mark Wahlberg is producing the project along with Steve Levinson and Universal has acquired the rights to the short film.

Looks like we will get to see more of the raven, and once again here is another individual (Ricardo De Montreuil) that forges ahead and follows his artistic intuition.

More information can be found here.