The first video was released about four weeks ago… a very entertaining review of Avatar. Right after watching the animation a few times I started to wonder who could have made this video? viral marketing? from whom? etc.

I wasn’t the only one wondering, others started to wonder as well, ah we all love some mystery.

The only hint to go by (that I knew of anyways) was that it was created by one person using Autodesk Softimage and Newtek LightWave 3D.  I have read in a few forums that some people using that combination of applications but then again, nowadays, 3D artists seem to be using various applications.

It wasn’t until late evening yesterday that I came across the information, right about the time I was giving up on it.

It is an individual from England, I believe his name is Paul Smith and his website is

It is nice to see that small studios can create such amazing animation. It appears to be mostly mocap for body and face… and now we just cannot wait to find out how was this achieved exactly.